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All kind of cover label ways

Varied Sleeve application

After-Sales Promise

We have been proud for Shousong top qualified sleeve labeling machine, we guaranteed Shousong sleever use durablely,. Within the guarantee period , any product has broken,we will adopt makeup measures, in order to maintain the customer profits , we adopt the following steps:

1.Sufficient spare parts supply.

2.Professional after-sales department and service staff. 

3.Perfect after-sales service systems and special 

4.The sleever has some problems, senior engineer will come to the worksites ASAP.

5.Usually pay a visit to the user worksite , provide technical service and maintenance for free of charge .

6.The sleever arrived the users’s worksite, we immediately arrange the technician to installation , testing , commissioning until the operator use it proficiently 

7.Within 300-500 kilometers from Shanghai, we have special to pick up,  we can offer the efficient service to the clients .

8.‘’ Shousong” offers all the sleever , self-adhesive labeler, shrink tunnel, we guarantee for 14 months, maintain all the life. 

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